PROSOLU provides a complete manufacturing solution of quality LED Lighting, Cables assembly and Electrical & Electronics manufactured goods.

All our products meet the toughest international standards such as CE & RoHS, VDE, in addition to TUV, UL and more...

Our local presence allows us to manage and control the production under strict supervision. We monitor the production from raw material to final assembly and packing.

We can design custom tooling and implement custom manufacturing processes to meet your requirements.

PROSOLU commits to deliver quality products and exceptional service.



Address: Unit P, 1/F, MAU LAM Commercial Building, 16-18 MAU LAM Street, Jordan, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tel.: +86 755 26688524 | Mob.: +86 1390 2900 490 | |

     Ceiling Light                                 Down light                                 flood light                           emergency light

Lightings (Indoor/Outdoor) 

PROSOLU offers LED and conventional Lightings.

We supply a broad range of lighting fixtures, bulbs and accessories.

 underground Light                     water proof                                tube light                         parabolic/grill light

     Garden Light                               Panel light                                  panel light                                street light

Cables (Assembly/LAN)

PROSOLU provides a full design and manufacturing solution of quality ODM/OEM Cables Assembly, LAN cables, adapters and computer accessories.

PROSOLU specializes in networking/ ISDN, audio/video, projector/notebook, computer/monitor, mobile communications. We offer a unique platform which supports Military and Medical cables and Harnesses. We are capable of manufacturing over 3.5 million pieces of various cables per month.

We supply a broad range of cables, from HDMI, DVI, SATA II External, SATA I, USB, IEEE 1394 Firewire, ISDN, CAT 5, MDR, LFH, SCSI, Professional Audio/Video to complex harness... just to name a few.

Electrical & Electronics